Terrain & Hunting Methods

All of the property hunted in both South Dakota and Wyoming are private working ranches
that Western Gateway Outfitters has the exclusive hunting rights to. By strictly limiting the number of hunters on each property and allowing animals to mature, the hunting is
second to none. The terrain we hunt antelope in varies from flat to moderately rough. The mule deer country is moderately rough to extremely rough with open country as well as areas of brushy finger draws and heavily timbered ponderosa pine hillsides. The areas we hunt for merriams turkeys, whitetails and elk have a lot of ponderosa pine and oak draws, deep canyons and hills that roll out into more open farm and ranch country.

The primary method of hunting we do is spot and stalk, with the exception of archery
whitetail and antelope hunts, which are done from ground blinds and tree stands.
Four-wheel drive trucks are used to access and get around the ranches. All hunting is
done on foot. The better your physical condition the better your odds for a real trophy,
but with the amount of land that we hunt along with the varied terrains, we can cater
to most hunters.



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