License Information

South Dakota:

All licenses in South Dakota must be applied for. Turkey application deadline is the latter part of February. Deer application deadlines are from April to July, depending on the tags applied for.Turkey licenses are 100% in the draw. Deer applications require one (1) preference point for 100% draw.

Archery tags are available yearly with no quota and no deadline for deer and antelope. .

Current Tag Prices:

Spring Turkey – 2 birds


Fall Turkey – 2 birds


West River Special Buck


Specific Unit Deer License


Archery Deer


Archery Antelope




Wyoming tags must also be applied for with the exception of spring turkey, which can be purchased over the counter. The application deadline for deer and antelope is May 31. One preference point is needed to be 100% in the deer drawings. No preference points are needed for the antelope draws. Elk require two preference points to be 100% in the drawings and the application deadline is January 31st.

The preference point only application period is July 1 thru October 31.

Current Tag Prices:

Spring Turkey (1 Bird)


Fall Turkey (1 Bird)






Special Deer




Special Elk


Archery License $30.00.

In addition to your license, a $12.50 conservation stamp is also required for all Wyoming hunters. Either state you decide to hunt and whatever tags you want to apply for, we will help you fill out the applications to make sure everything is filled out properly and the units are correct to best insure tags being drawn.

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